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Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits - Swimming Pool Kits Direct
Posted by | April 29, 2020
Three Questions Most Buyers Have About DIY Fibreglass Pools

When it comes to DIY pools, we are often asked similar questions from pool buyers just like you. Fair enough too. Here are three questions that we hear lots of...

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diy pool diy swimming pool
Posted by | April 23, 2020
What is normally included in DIY pool installation?

DIY pool installation isn't complicated and you will save thousands by talking with an independent installer.

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Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits - DIY pool installation
Posted by | February 24, 2016
How Long Does It Take To Install A Fibreglass Pool?

Installing a fibreglass DIY pool can be completed in as little as 5 days however it is usually longer than this. Fibreglass DIY pool installation is always faster than concrete...

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