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DIY Pool Installation - Is It For You?

Saving a bundle of money DIY installing your pool is awesome. However, it can be a smidge intimidating for many. You are not alone if you are wondering:

  • Can anyone install a DIY fibreglass pool?
  • What is the process?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Will my warranties be valid?

In other words, can anyone DIY install their pool, save money and have a fantastic looking pool area?

Helping You Through The DIY Installation Process - Support At Every Stage

At Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits, we have happy customers with DIY-installed pools across Australia, ranging from highly skilled tradespeople to white-collar administrators who would struggle to identify a hammer.

We have developed a system of videos, installation tip sheets, technical documents, phone support, and pool installation contacts to support you. Our customers tell us these resources have empowered them with knowledge, guidance, support, and confidence throughout the process. Anyone can successfully and efficiently DIY install a fibreglass swimming pool without voiding warranties.

Comprehensive Information and Support

To help you have a great experience, we provide the following support:

  • Installation Tip Sheet: We provide a 14-page installation tip sheet answering the most common questions customers ask regarding council approvals, planning, delivery, equipment, and fibreglass pool installation.
  • YouTube Support Videos: We also have a YouTube video library providing visual guidance for fibreglass pool and equipment installation stages.
  • Direct Contact for Assistance: You can contact a dedicated support team if you need assistance. We guarantee that a human always answers our phones, Monday to Friday. The team is available on weekends if installation guidance is required as well. If we can’t answer your questions, we will put you in touch with someone who can.
  • Pool Related Technical Documents: We provide an Australian Standards-compliant generic pool filtration plumbing diagram, Engineering sheets detailing bond beam, bedding, backfill requirements, and Australian Standards compliance documents. You’ll need these for your council permit and during the installation phase.
  • Professional Installers: Many of our customers are Owner Builders and like to help with the pool’s physical installation phase (bedding, backfilling, equipment connection). We also have plenty of customers who would like the entire job (council approvals, installation through to final certification) managed by a licensed pool installer. Regardless of your preference and where you are in Australia, we usually put you in touch with a fibreglass pool installer to support you.

Around Australia, roughly 70% of our customers (including IT professionals, teachers, builders, and tradies) choose to be Owner Builders, which goes to show that anyone, with our support and guidance, can successfully install their DIY pool with full warranties and save a bundle of money compared to using a full service, full price builder.

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