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Is Fibreglass or Concrete Better?

A pool means fun, relaxation, increased house value, a visual treat and more. They also cost money to maintain, which can be significant depending on what they are made from.

Our customers love our fibreglass pool kits for their low-cost maintenance, lifetime structural warranties, smooth surfaces, fast installation and low chemical use. Which means less ‘on pool’ time and more ‘in pool’ time.

To make your decision easier, we have created four tables comparing vinyl, concrete and fibreglass pools.

Bondi Beach Pool 8.2m

Bondi DIY Pool
Comparison of Vinyl Liner
10 Year Pool Cost of Ownership
Ongoing Pool Maintenance Cost
Fibreglass Pools
Pools Equipment and Costs

Have Questions About Pools, Equipment and Costs?

Our free “Essentials You Must Know Before Buying A Pool” e-guide answers your questions about pool sizes, pumps, filters, chlorinators, heating and cleaning options including what they cost

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