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Peace Of Mind For A Lifetime

You are thinking about buying a DIY swimming pool direct, however, you are worried about the quality. How can you be sure?

Your DIY swimming pool kit comes with a 35 year full lifetime structural warranty and industry standard 6 year internal cosmetic warranty or 20 years if choosing a Marbletech™colour. Your pool kit shell is made by a national, Australian manufacturer with over 49 continuous years ownership. Consisting of six layers, made from 100% Australian made pure product, there is no higher level of fibreglass swimming pool quality.

Our manufacturer is voluntarily audited each year for compliance with Australian Standards to the internationally recognised PAS-Mark rating. It is independent proof that your DIY swimming pool will stand the test of time.

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Complete Fibre Pool Kits - Warranty

1. Aquaguard-X™ Marine Grade Gelcoat Surface Layer

Marine grade gelcoat that is up to 55% more UV, chemical and chlorine resistant than the next best gelcoat brand. Australian made and applied undiluted with a built-in anti-microbial, your DIY swimming pool will be fade resistant and safer to swim in. Gelcoat is the beautiful,  smooth, glossy finish that you can see.

Complete Fibre Pool Kits - Warranty2. Anti-Corrosion and Blister Barrier

Clear epoxy-based vinyl ester resin and fibreglass barrier that is completely impervious to water for the ultimate chemical and osmosis protection when buying a pool direct. The resin is Australian made and applied undiluted without any pigments or fillers added in. Only clear resin can guarantee your fibreglass DIY swimming pool to last a lifetime

Complete Fibre Pool Kits - Warranty3. Structural Layer

An additional layer of 100% pure, clear fibreglass lamination using Australian made poly-ester resin with no weakening fillers or pigments added. Only clear resin can guarantee your fibreglass DIY swimming pool to literally be stronger than concrete and last a lifetime

Complete Fibre Pool Kits - Warranty4. Additional Structural Layer

A further layer of pure, clear fibreglass for maximum strength, durability and chemical resistance.  Cheaply made pools save costs by excluding this layer at the expense of durability. Your DIY swimming pool is built to a premium standard.

Complete Fibre Pool Kits - Warranty5. Flowcoat Barrier

A special black flow coat seals the outside of the pool against exposed fibres to provide further osmosis protection. Spraying a standard sealer on exposed fibres can be problematic over time. This unique, Australian made barrier coat creates a solid outer layer that is impenetrable to groundwater for complete peace of mind.

Complete Fibre Pool Kits - Warranty6. Strengthening Ribs

Engineer certified strengthening ribs for even greater sidewall durability without the need for dirt collecting structural ledges (often called “safety ledges”)
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