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DIY Pool Equipment - Unbeatable Prices

Our national buying power means your DIY pool comes with premium, AUSTRALIAN MADE Astral equipment for your complete peace of mind. We call your pool pump, filter and chlorinator the “Big Three”. To ensure low maintenance, clean, sparkling water, it is essential you have the right equipment.

If you are thinking about mineralising or heating your DIY pool, adding a water feature, a variable speed pump, extra lighting etc, our low prices are unbeatable.

Just want to buy equipment and not the fibreglass pool shell? Click here to send through your equipment quote request and we’ll be in touch.


DIY Pool Equipment

Heat Pumps

DIY Pool Heating

Mineral Pools

DIY Mineral Pool

Salt Water Chlorinators

DIY Pool Chlorinator

Naked Freshwater

Naked Freshwater System

Pool Pumps

DIY Pool Variable Speed Pump

Pool Filters

DIY Pool Filter

LED Lighting

DIY LED pool lights

Robot Cleaners

DIY Pool Robot Cleaner

Suction Cleaners

DIY Pool Suction Cleaners

Gas Heaters

DIY Pool Gas Heating

Water Features

DIY Pool Water Feature

Pool Blankets

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DIY Pool Automation

Spa Blowers

DIY Pool Spa Jets

Filter Media - Glass

DIY Pool Class Media

Filter Elements

DIY Pool Filter Elements
Pools Equipment and Costs

Have Questions About Pools, Equipment and Costs?

Our free “Essentials You Must Know Before Buying A Pool” e-guide answers your questions about pool sizes, pumps, filters, chlorinators, heating and cleaning options including what they cost

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