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What Is Included In Your DIY Swimming Pool Kit

Our DIY swimming pool kits have the longest warranties in Australia. Our sole focus is to make industry-leading strength, quality and reliability an affordable option for you. Affordable? Yes. Cheap? No. A cheap pool and equipment are great initially until the problems start.

So you can be completely informed, below is a transparent list of what is included and is not included in your DIY swimming pool kit price.

Lifetime Structural Warranty Pool Shell (35 Years)

Manufactured in Australia with Australian materials and workmanship from a National manufacturer with over 49 years experience. Your 35 year lifetime structural warranty DIY swimming pool shell includes a skimmer box and two return jets for water filtration.  A hydrostatic valve is also included to assist with groundwater drainage as required by Australian Standards 1838 – 2021

 Revolutionary AcquaGuard-X™ Gelcoat 

Australian made Acquaguard X™ marine grade gelcoat is extremely UV, chlorine and water resistant (up to 60% higher than competing brands). Acquaguard X™ includes a revolutionary anti-microbial in the gelcoat that can reduce up to 99% of common water bacteria in-conjunction with normal filtration. This means fewer chemicals are needed to keep your DIY swimming pool water safe and sanitised, saving you time,  money and worry that your water is safe for the kids to swim in.

AcquaGuard X™ Shimmer Finish Gelcoat Range

With the choice of 5 beautiful Acquaguard X™ colours, our Shimmer finish comes as standard. at no extra cost. Sunlight reflects off tiny shimmer particles to make your DIY swimming pool sparkle like a diamond. Often an expensive upgrade option elsewhere, it is another sign you are getting the best DIY pool kit available (a further 17 colours are available for additional cost in our Marbletech colour range).

Astral Pool Pump

Premium Australian manufactured and assembled pool pump designed for harsh Australian conditions to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. With a high water-flow rate, your DIY swimming pool pump is durable and economical to run. Astral is a premium brand with over 40 years field proven performance in Australian conditions.

Astral Sand or Cartridge Filter

Premium Australian manufactured and assembled cartridge filter OR injection mould sand filter. Your sand filter includes a 6-way multi-port valve and a unique under drain which reduces water use with each backwash. Either filter will keep your pool sparkling clean and free of organic matter with the least amount of maintenance time.

Astral Digital Self-Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator

Robust, reliable, easy to use and Australian manufactured and assembled. Your DIY swimming pool salt water chlorinator automatically disinfects and sanitises your pool water. With the latest self-cleaning salt cell technology, it is low maintenance and is also mineral/magnesium compatible if you want to mineralise your pool.

Generic Engineering Drawings and Excavation Dig Sheets

Your DIY swimming pool kit comes with generic engineer-certified structural details and the required generic compliance certificate for your council approval application (if your council requests a site specific engineering compliance certificate, there is an additional cost for the engineer to produce this document). You also receive an excavation dig sheet with dimensions specific to your pools shape and size.

Pre-Installation Tip Sheet and Supporting Videos

Your DIY pool kit includes a 15 page tip sheet that will answer all of your questions in relation to installation, equipment location and compliance with Australian Standards for fibreglass pools, filtration and pool fences. You will also be able to access our extensive “how to” video library demonstrating key aspects of your pool installation.

Astral Handover Kit, Chemical Start Pack and Initial Pool Salt Dose

Your DIY pool kit includes the initial dose of pool salt* required once the pool is full,  a 4 in 1 water test kit, pool brush, pole, leaf rake, vacuum head and heavy-duty hose with swivel cuff. Everything you need to manually keep your DIY swimming pool clean, sparkling and ready to use. We even throw in some of the chemicals you need to initially set up and sanitise your water.  *Not included for WA customers

Delivery To Your Verge

As the only national DIY pool kit company, we deliver our kits to all States in Australia. Delivery can be as little as $200 or several thousands of dollars depending on where you live. Our advertised DIY pool kit price DOES NOT include delivery. This is so we can secure you the best possible price at the time of your quote rather than having an inflated delivery allowance built into the advertised price.

Proudly Australian Made DIY Pool Kits

Your DIY swimming pool is manufactured in a climate-controlled factory to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1838-2021, AS/NZS 4801, and ISO 9001 and Environmentally Certified to AS/ISO 14001. Internationally recognised PAS-Mark independent certification guarantees that your pool is made using environmentally friendly processes and rigorous quality control management. Only our manufacturer has this rigorous independent PAS-Mark external certification that ensures every pool made is without compromise.

Pool Kit Installation Options

As we do not arrange the installation of your DIY swimming pool, we can usually put you in touch with a pool installer who works in your local area. The installer can complete the installation of your DIY pool kit or assist you with the excavation, bedding, backfill, plumbing and set of your equipment if you are an Owner Builder.

Optional Equipment Upgrades

If you would like to upgrade your DIY pool kit equipment or include mineralisation, robotic cleaners, heaters, spa jets, pool blankets, water features, additional LED pool lighting and more, you can. We can create a custom DIY swimming pool kit price for you from our wide range of Australian made and designed Astral accessories and equipment. With our national buying power, you will pay below the recommended retail price.

What Is Not Included In Your DIY Swimming Pool Kit

Installation Instructions

We don’t provide detailed installation instructions for your DIY swimming pool. With the money you save on your DIY pool kit and by negotiating directly with a licenced pool installer, you will end up with a professionally installed pool and save thousands. If you are an Owner Builder, we can put you in touch with a licenced installer who will be happy to guide you through the process and give you access to their trades.

Installation and Set Up Materials

We don’t provide any installation materials such as bedding and backfilling material, concrete or plumbing fittings. Your pool installer can supply these as part of their installation quote or you can source these at your local hardware and plumbing supply shop. Our 15 page tip sheet and videos fills you in on the type of materials you need.

Arranging Council Approval and Site Specific Engineering Details

We don’t provide council approval process consulting services. You can use a Building Certifier to help you or apply directly to council yourself as it is not difficult. We can usually put you in touch with a Building Surveyor if you need a hand.  If your council requests a site specific engineering compliance certificate, this is not provided in your kit. We will put you in touch with the Engineer to arrange and pay for this certificate directly.
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