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Frequently Asked Questions

Initial DIY Pool Research Questions

The best guide to the quality of equipment is warranty length, longevity of the brand, country of origin and availability of parts. Our main equipment supplier Astral, is widely regarded as a premium brand with a proven 30 year+ history of reliability. Astral is manufactured in Australia and used by premium pool builders (including ourselves). The equipment is built for Australian conditions and backed by long warranties. Parts are always available and most pool technicians know Astral’s products should you need servicing in the future.

90% of our customers have not owned a swimming pool. Part of our process is to take you through step-by-step the equipment that comes with a kit and any additional equipment you require. We will explain the pros and cons of the options, so you can make an informed decision. Our job is to make the process as undaunting as possible by providing you with information and education.

Great question. Our pool shell manufacturer has been trading nationally for over 49 years across Australia. They are one of the largest fiberglass pool manufacturers in the country and have a very strong financial management record and continue to grow successfully. Our equipment manufacturer is owned by an international conglomerate and has also been trading and manufacturing in Australia for over 30 years. They are the largest equipment manufacturer in Australia and are well regarded for their quality and fiscal management. There can never be any guarantees with businesses trading into the future. However, given the extremely strong pedigree of our suppliers, it is highly unlikely the companies will stop trading and most certainly will be available to resolve any issues should you have them in 2 years, 10 years or 20 years.

Unfortunately no. We are online-based and don’t offer site visits. We are happy to provide our knowledge and experience via email and over the phone. We can also put you in touch with independent professionals in your area who will be able to come out and answer any questions for you.

No, however we have taken great care to ensure the pool colours displayed on our website are as close as possible to the colours you will see in real life. We have a considerable photo library not available on the website showing pools on trucks and at different times of day to help you choose your colour.

No. To offer pool shells with the longest structural warranties and premium Australian made equipment at the prices we do, we do not operate display centres or have on the ground sales people. This enables us to pass on the savings to you so you can have a fantastic pool at a lower price without cutting quality. If you struggle to buy a pair of jeans without being able to touch and feel them, buying a swimming pool online may not be the best fit for you.

Yes, however this is time dependent. It is not a problem to make changes to your order up to four weeks before your pool is due to be manufactured, and two weeks before your equipment delivery.

Yes. If you receive a decline notice for your pool permit, simply forward this through to us and we will refund your deposit in full within three working days.

It depends on your location and the manufacturing State that we use. However, generally the lead time is anywhere between 8 weeks and 16 weeks on average.

Yes, we don’t add a ‘one shoe fits all’ delivery cost to our kit price. We don’t believe that is transparent. We quote each and every delivery individually and you pay what we pay without any markup. We will let you know the cost of delivery during your initial phone call and explain the options to you.

No, as long as your pool is installed in accordance with the Australian Standards 1839:2021 Fibreglass Pool Installation we provide you with. Whether you install the pool as an owner builder or use a licensed local installer, your lifetime structural warranty is 100% on foot.

Yes, regardless of your background and experience. We will provide you with extensive supporting information. From how-to videos and checklists as well as ongoing phone support as required to help guide you through the process regardless of your DIY experience.  

You can always negotiate with the pool builders to see where you can save money on your project. Alternatively, you can consider a DIY fibreglass pool kit installation as a way to reduce the total cost of your project without sacrificing the quality of your pool shell and equipment.

It depends on how much money you are wanting to save compared to using a full price, full-service pool builder. You will save the most money as an owner builder, and a good chunk of money if you use a local licensed pool installer. Most importantly, you will be able to do a fantastic job and save money without compromising the quality of your materials, the pool shell or the final outcome.

With three pool building factories across Australia, we deliver our pool kits and equipment Australia wide (excluding Northern Territory and Tasmania).

Astral has distribution centres across Australia and manufacture their own parts in Victoria. Parts will be readily available if you need them in the future. In addition, Astral has an authorised repair agent network servicing cities and towns across Australia.

We use Astral, who have been manufacturing and assembling equipment in Australia for over 30 years. Their equipment is built for Australian conditions and is widely regarded as one of the best brands on the market.

Our pool shells are made in Australia, using Australian made materials by a manufacturer with over 49 years’ experience building pools.

Council Approval Questions

If you’re unsure of what council is asking, you can contact us. If we can’t provide the additional information, we will put you in touch with the appropriate professional who can help.

Every council is different with their requirements and it depends on the type of fence. With retaining walls, you’ll generally need to be further away. Your pool will need to be further away than if it’s a standard boundary fence. As a very loose rule of thumb, the distance your pool should be from the fence is approximately the depth of the pool.

Councils across Australia have requirements relating to minimum distances from boundary fences, houses and in ground infrastructure such as sewer lines and mains water. Your available space will determine the maximum size of pool that you can install. Discuss this with your private certifier or contact your local council.

If you have applied directly to council, a council officer will inspect your pool on completion. Making sure it is compliant with the terms and conditions of your permit. If you used a private certifier, they will undertake the final certification process for your pool project.

Generally, your council approval process will require you to have a site plan showing the location of your pool on your property. We can put you in touch with an online site plan provider at a discounted price. You may also need to engage with an engineer for a site-specific engineering detail. We can put you in touch with an engineer to produce this for you. If you are obtaining your approval directly with council, they will certify your permit and your pool project upon completion. If you are using a private certifier, they will provide the permit and complete the final compliance inspection upon completion of your pool project. We can also put you in touch with a private certifier if needed.

As a general rule, owner builder courses are completed online and will generally take the average person between two and three hours to complete. In some states, you are also required to undertake a white card qualification. This can also be done online and depending on the state, may take between two and six hours to complete. The owner builder course costs between $185 and $250 and the white card cost is between $55 and $190.

Yes. You don’t need to have a trade background to be an owner builder. We have people who would struggle to know which end of the hammer is which, all the way to experienced trades people building and installing their swimming pools. We can connect you with an online owner builder course provider, which doesn’t take a great deal of time or money to complete. We also provide you with a library of videos, supporting documents and information to assist you in saving as much money as possible, while still completing your pool and doing a fantastic job.

We will provide the technical documents required by councils around Australia for your pool permit application. We can put you in contact with a private certifier who can assess and approve your pool permit for you or you can lodge your application directly with your local council. To assist in the process, we can put you in contact with a site plan provider, and also an online course provider should you be thinking about owner building your pool project.

Finance Questions

No. If you have heard the saying, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, when it comes to finance, this is very true. Interestfree generally means that the pool company is paying the interest on your behalf. Across many industries, this simply means the cost of those interest repayments is added to the cost of the product you are buying. Ultimately, you are still paying for the interest. We don’t think that’s very transparent and don’t offer interestfree as a result.

Yes. We have an arm’s length relationship with HandyPay, an Australian based personal finance provider who offers low fees and no early payment termination fees. We receive no incentives or kickbacks from HandyPay.

Fibreglass Pool Shell and Equipment Questions

There is the initial upfront cost to buy the heat pump unit. The size and cost depends on whether you want to heat all year-round, extend the summer swimming season, factors such as wind and the use of a pool blanket. We will ask you these questions to work out the exact size you require for your pool use. The second consideration is the ongoing running cost. Ensuring the correct size of your heat pump will minimise your ongoing running costs. In many instances, pool owners around Australia are extending their summer season by 3 months for as little as $100 to $300 a year in additional power costs.

Yes, you can. There is no additional cost from the kit price you see advertised on the website for either type of filter. We can step you through the pros and cons of each filter so you can make an informed decision about the best option for you.  

Yes we do and at a competitive price.

Yes. Our standard equipment allows you to mineralise your pool without needing to pay for expensive equipment upgrades. We also supply the Astral minerals which are farmed to a food grade standard in Australia (no contaminants or impurities).

We offer both single speed and energy efficient variable speed pumps. We can step you through the pros and cons of each pump, so you can make an informed decision about the best option for you.  

Our suggestion is to install the equipment that is required during the initial installation phase such as pumps, chlorinators, filters, pool lights etc. The additional items can be added later on when you have more room in your budget.

No. Every pool is manufactured with an anti-slip surface on the steps and floor to help prevent slipping for friends and family.

No. Part of the manufacturing process includes an anti-slip surface on the beach entry area to prevent slip hazards for young people and older people alike.

Our standard shimmer finish gelcoat colours are sensational and you’ll be very happy with them. The shimmer finish is often a paid upgrade with other companies but with us it is a standard inclusion. If you are considering our exclusive Marbletech™ colour range, you will get more for your money than just a completely unique looking pool. To achieve the Marbletech™ finish, an additional layer of gelcoat is applied. The gelcoat is thicker and provides even more protection, so your warranty extends from the standard 6 years to a 20 year cosmetic warranty for any colour in the Marbletech™ range.

If your pool is correctly maintained, your shell will not fade and will still look fantastic in 20 years’ time. Our manufacturer uses an Australian made gelcoat (the colourful part of your pool) called AquaGuard- X. Which has been independently tested and shown to be considerably more UV, chemical and water resistant than other competing brands on the market.

Our manufacturer uses an Australian made gelcoat (the colourful part of your pool) called AquaGuard-X™. Which has been independently tested and shown to be considerably more UV, chemical and water resistant than other competing brands on the market. The cosmetic warranty for our shimmer finish pools is 6 years and 20 years for our Marbletech™ range. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that lead to issues such as excessive colour fading and blisters forming under the gelcoat.

35 years, which is the longest fibreglass pool structural warranty available in Australia and speaks to the outstanding quality of our pools. The warranty covers defects resulting from poor workmanship or materials such as structural cracking and osmosis.

A structural warranty on a fibreglass pool refers to the physical layers of fibreglass, resin and other materials to make the pool shell. Structural warranties protect you against the pool cracking, developing leaks, bubbling (osmosis) or any other structural fault with the pool. A cosmetic warranty refers to the gelcoat which is the shiny colour that you see on the inside of the pool. The warranty is to protect you against excessive fading or blisters forming underneath the gelcoat.

While highly unlikely, it would be dishonest for us to say it is absolutely impossible. However, our pool shell manufacturer has been trading for 49 years and is one of the largest pool shell manufacturers in the country. They continue to reinvest into their brand and their products and continue to grow in a responsible and financially sensible manner.

All of the dimensions on the website are waterline measurements (internal pool measurements). In other words, from internal wall to internal wall and from the bottom of the pool to the top of the pool. Our measurements do not include the 200mm wide coping beam.

Arranging Quotes Questions

Yes. We offer the longest pool shell structural warranty in Australia paired with premium Australian made equipment. We are very competitive and offer incredible value for the quality of the products we provide. However, we are certainly not the cheapest compared to other DIY companies with shorter warranties, less established and well known equipment brands.

Every project is different as is the weight of each pool shell. Some customers may require a small crane called a Franna crane to walk the pool into their backyard. Other customers will require a considerably larger crane to lift the pool over power lines, trees and two-story houses. We will advise you of your pool shell weight.

If you are using a local licensed installer, they will usually manage the trades up to the concrete bond beam that goes around fibreglass pools. You will need to arrange landscaping, fencing and paving separately. If you are an owner builder, you will need to arrange quotes from excavators, pool installers (if using), electricians, paving, landscaping, fencing, plumbers, soil suppliers and concreters.

Delivery Questions

This will depend on which State you live in. If you live in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland, your pool will arrive on a truck that has a small crane arm that lifts the pool off and places it on the ground. In South Australia and Western Australia, your pool will be delivered on a flatbed truck and you will need to arrange to have a crane on site to lift the pool off the truck on arrival.

No. We have found that it is more cost-effective for you to supply your own PVC piping in the lengths and joints that are specific to your site installation. The identical pool installed in three backyards on the same street will require considerably different pipe lengths and joins based on the orientation of the pool and the location of the pool filtration equipment.

If your pool is not going to be installed within a few days of delivery, the manufacturer recommends storing the pool upside down on old car tyres (head to your local tyer shop, they’ll give them to you for free), and place straps over the top of the pool to prevent the pool being lifted in a freak gust of wind.

If you need to delay your delivery, simply let us know with at least 4 weeks notice and we will advise you of the next available manufacturing slot to be able to deliver your pool. Alternatively, we may be able to arrange the pool to be manufactured and stored at the factory or at a purpose-built storage yard depending on your state. We will work with you so you don’t have a swimming pool sitting in your front yard for months on end if you’re not ready for it.

Contact us so we can provide you with the appropriate support to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

It is likely that your pool will arrive with scuff marks on the coping beam. The coping beam is the flat 200 mm wide section that goes around the top of the pool. If you see any scuffs, minor chips or cracks, it is nonstructural and we don’t worry about them as they will be paved, tiled, decked or concreted over. The scuff marks are usually from the straps used during transportation. If you have minor scuffs on the inside of your pool, you can contact us and we will give you simple tips to remove the scuff marks.

This does occasionally happen. If it does, we will make sure it does not become your problem and we’ll have the damage addressed as quickly as possible. Prevention is better than cure. This is achieved by using experienced delivery companies who have transported thousands of pools across Australia.

Installation Questions

We can easily let you know how much power (amps) each item of equipment will use and we are happy to speak with your electrician as well.  

Yes. As long as it has the appropriate ventilation to exhaust the cool refrigerated air into the open environment. If the cold air is contained in the shed, you will effectively create a mini-freezer leading to a massive performance drop in heating efficiency and ice formation.  

As a general rule of thumb, you need 5m overhead clearance and a minimum of 3m driveway (NSW, QLD, VIC). For WA and SA, it is pool shell size dependent and we will let you know.

In conjunction with the Australian Standards 1839:2021 we provide you, there is also a detailed video outlining the bedding and backfill material to use which is compliant with Australian Standards.

Every council in Australia is different. Predominantly, a sand filter will need to be backwashed into a sewer connection. Depending on your available land and region, some councils will permit you to backwash into a soak well or a drainage pit rather than connecting to sewer.

If you have P class soil, we can put you in touch with an engineer who can provide a site-specific engineering detail for you. If you follow this detail, your lifetime pool shell structural warranty will remain intact.

We provide you with a dig sheet which outlines the measurements of the pool. Give this to your excavation contractor. We will also provide you with a copy of the Australian Standards 1839:2021 Fibreglass Pool Installation. This document outlines the depth of the bedding layer and the width of the backfill layer required for your soil type.

It depends on whether you want the lights purely for safety, evening swimming or a visual feast to make your pool a focal point when not in use. The number of lights you may need will depend on the size of your pool and where in the pool you would like to install them. Let us know what size and model pool shell you’re looking for and we will be able to provide options for you.

Yes. Fibreglass pools are designed to be installed predominantly in the ground however they can be installed out of the ground. Let us know what you’re thinking and we will be able to provide options for you.

This is completely understandable, which is why we provide you with ongoing support via email and over the phone. We can guide you through the installation process as well as providing access to our extensive supporting documents, tip sheets and videos. We welcome all of your questions.

Our pool shells are incredibly strong with a 35-year lifetime structural warranty. Sometimes things do go wrong and we are here to help. If you’re unsure, we are always available and guarantee that our phone will always be answered by a human during business hours. We are also available on weekends should you need it. Almost any problem that you run into with your installation can be resolved.

Yes. We have a substantial list of installers across Australia. We can put you in touch with one to arrange a quote for the installation stage of your project. As we have customers right around Australia, we don’t arrange installation directly for them or have installers as subcontractors.

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